Town of Cross City
The Biggest Little Town in Dixie!
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About the Town of Cross City

While Cross City was incorporated in 1924, it was founded prior but was know as “Cross Roads” during the 1800’s. It was named this due to the intersection of the Old Spanish Trail and the Old Salt Road being at this location. Slowly, one building at a time, Cross Roads grew to become the Town of Cross City we all love today! Please enjoy current and historical photos of our town! The Town of Cross City is the County Seat for Dixie County and holds an estimated population of 1,723 residents.
-Town Officials- Mayor – Kenneth Lee (352) 498-5700 Vice Mayor – Jovante Teague (352) 498-5269 Town Manager – Mike Cassidy (352) 498-3079 Town Clerk – Brenda Royal (352) 498-3468 Town Attorney – Lindsey Lander (352) 463-1025 Fire Chief – Danny Liles (352) 498-3318 Police Chief – Stant Bradley (352) 498-3507 Council Members – Jovante Teague (352) 440-1390 Rex Beckham (352) 356-0394 Heddie Johnson (352) 498-5269 Kenneth Lee (352) 498-5700 Hal Chewning Jr. (352) 210-1841